Blackmoor Estate is a family-run farm located near Selborne in Hampshire.

Blackmoor has a range of fruit enterprises, from fruit tree and plant production at Blackmoor Nurseries, to orchards, to fruit storage for supply to major supermarkets, to fruit sales on farm and at farmers markets. We are best known for growing both traditional and new varieties of English apples and pears. We also grow a wide range of cherries.

Blackmoor Estate also produces premium Gospel Green and Blackmoor Orchards cider and apple juice and kiln dried logs from our woodland. Our annual Apple Tasting Day, which has been running for over 50 years, attracts several thousand apple enthusiasts.

As well as the fruit enterprises the estate also has an arable enterprise and is involved in a number of environmental stewardship schemes for wildlife conservation and has a range of commercial and residential properties available for rent.

Experience the result of more than 100 years of fruit growing!

The Cider House is less than a mile away from the orchards, ensuring supreme quality and taste.

News & Events

Follow us for more information on our seasonal events, including our annual Apple Tasting Day, Cherry Day and Pick-Your-Own days

Blackmoor Estate Ltd, Blackmoor, Liss, Hampshire GU33 6BS
Tel: +44 (0)1420 476003

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Handpicked Cherries are now available! 

Mon-Sat 9-5pm

Sun 10-4pm