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We have been selling our fruit direct to customers since the 1920s

In 2022 Blackmoor Estate started to produce cider and apple juice from blends and single varieties of our finest handpicked apples with each having a unique taste and production process.

GOSPEL GREEN – Traditional Method Fine Cyder

For over 30 years Gospel Green Cyder sourced their hand-picked apples from Blackmoor’s orchards so it seemed fitting that in 2022 Gospel Green joined the Blackmoor Estate family. The cider house is less than a mile away from the orchards, ensuring supreme quality and taste.

In common with sparkling wine Gospel Green is made using the double fermentation ‘traditional method’ to produce a delicious and sophisticated sparkling cider. It provides the perfect alternative to champagne, prosecco and sparking wine.

It all started in 1990...

 When James Lane, Gospel Green’s founding father, set out to create England’s first traditional method cider for many years. To this day it is made using hand-picked apples and undergoes a secondary fermentation in bottle with a long maturation on lees in the cellar.

The Brut pairs well with poultry and white meat, bbqs, seafood and pasta as well as cheeses and desserts. Tasting notes: aromatics of elderflower, brioche and green apples.  Crisp with light acidity and a slight earthiness coming through on the palate.  Smooth with a rounded finish and lasting mousse.

The Gospel Green Rosé is a marriage of aged traditional method cider with a dash of English pinot noir offering finesse and subtlety. Tasting notes: with aromatics of wild strawberry and hedgerow berries and a hint of floral Rosehip.  This delicate sparkling rosé cider has a smooth rounded finish with a touch of baked apple. The Rosé is perfect with fish, duck & venison, red fruits and desserts.


Blackmoor Orchard’s Ridges Green is a classic, easy drinking, medium, lightly sparkling cider emphasizing zingy Bramley and is also available in Bag in Box’s and kegs for events, pubs, and restaurants.


Blackmoor Orchards Egremont Russet is a single varietal cider, matured for six months in Sauternes wine barrels to produce a delectable still, dry and wine-like fine cider.
Blackmoor Orchards Perry is a dry sparkling pear cider made from a blend of dessert pears and Bramley apples. It is unfiltered and unpasteurised and bottle conditioned for a sparkling fizz Blackmoor Orchards Sour Cherry takes its inspiration from Belgian Kriek beer, a dry, tart, sparkling cider made with Blackmoor’s hand-picked apples and sour Morello cherries. Bottle conditioned for a sparkling fizz.


At Blackmoor Estate we use our fruits to also produce a delicious range of single varietal and blended apple juices available in bottles, pouches and Bag in Boxes.
Jam and Chutney is produced from our cherries and honey from our orchard beehives.

Follow us for more information on our seasonal events, including our annual Apple Tasting Day, Cherry Day and Pick-Your-Own days

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